Welcome to Life with Rowan

Welcome, everyone. I am Rowan’s mom. I am also a wife of 14 years, the mother of three children, including my son and a teacher of almost 20 years. Recently, my son was diagnosed with dyslexia. Although I knew he was struggling, it was still a devastating blow to the family…for about a day. Then logic kicked in and I realized he is not the first child to be diagnosed, nor will he be the last. Once I did some research, I learned there are oodles of very famous, intelligent, well-established people who live with dyslexia every day. Stephen Spielberg( director), Richard Branson (Virgin Airlines), Leonardo da Vinci (famous painter of the Sistine Chapel), Robin Williams (actor and comedian), F. Scott Fitzgerald (author), John F. Kennedy (president of the United States), and Albert Einstein just to name a few.

With this in mind, I have put together and introduction to development in literacy (reading and writing) for elementary school-aged children. This is not meant to be a comprehensive curricular-based website, but a way for me to organize my thoughts and help my son progress through his education with the least amount of stress possible. If this helps others, then all the better. I am not inventing the wheel, just taking certain ideas from others and organizing them in a blog.

Hope you enjoy.


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