Accommodation #2 – Spelling

1- Don’t grade spelling tests. Children with dyslexia have very little retention and will probably not remember how to spell a word from one day to the next.

2- Don’t make them spell a word over and over. This only frustrates the child and does not improve their spelling.

3- Ignore spelling mistakes on assignments or tests. Assess them them on their understanding of the material and on the content produced. This is really what assessments are for.

4- Don’t ask a dyslexic student to use a dictionary to help them spell. If they can’t spell, they certainly can’t look a word up in the dictionary, therefore they are no better off using a dictionary.

5- Allow them to type up their assignments and use spell check. This doesn’t always work if the word they are trying to spell doesn’t resemble in any way the word they were looking for, but may help them choose an alternate word.


Along with difficulty reading, difficulty spelling is a hallmark of dyslexia. While dyslexia is something that can’t be “cured,” there are a great number of tools to help a dyslexic overcome many of its challenges, including difficulty spelling:


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