Accommodation #3 – Handwriting

Almost all dyslexics have dysgraphia, which is a difficulty with writing due to gross motor processing skills. Many cannot learn while they are writing.

1- Allow the student to get copied notes from a classmate who takes exceptionally neat and organized notes. If you cannot find someone like this in your class room, you can provide teacher notes, as well as the notes from the board yourself. Recording notes with an iPad or other recording device does not help the student because they would not be able to write notes from the recordings, just as they can’t write notes in class.

2- When assigning work, don’t make the student copy the questions out of the book. Photocopy the questions in bigger font (font style is also very important for the dyslexic student) and with space to answer the questions below.


3- Further to #2, you can have him/her dictate their answers to a student assistant or other teacher accommodation and they can write the answers out for the student.

4- Once they have learned to type, they can then be given increasing responsibility to write their own answers down.


Great first grade checklist/anchor chart to remind students what they need in their writing:



Hairy Phonics offers fun, animated lessons that explains how to blend individual sounds into a whole word as well as how to break apart a whole word into separate sound chunks. In addition, over 50 animations assist students in learning all the major grapheme-phonemes - over 70 different sounds found in the English language. Your children will finally have fun while learning the needed skills to be strong readers. $:                                                                                                                                


Text to speech has been used as an accommodation for dyslexics and struggling readers, but did you know that it is also an advantageous device for writers too?   Come learn how you can use this technology to help student become better writers!:


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