Strategy #7 – Test Anxiety

Who doesn’t get test anxiety? I used to blank out when I did math tests. I always did well on assignments and homework, but when it came to tests and exams, I would blow it. I just watched everyone around me working away and I couldn’t remember anything. And I didn’t have any learning difficulties. Just imagine a child with Dyslexia!

1 – Try giving sample tests as homework assignments for practice. Students will become more comfortable when they can see the format of the test before actually taking it.

2- Offer review sessions. Teachers sometimes offer lunchtime or after school tutorials to help children. Parents can also take some time out before a test to work on those sample tests for extra help.

3- Teachers can also allow ALL students to have 1 page of notes to bring with them to a test or have an open book or open notes tests. Sometimes, as a teacher, I find that students usually do worse with open book or open notes because they don’t rely on their own abilities and spend too much time “looking” for the answer that they run out of time. However, 1 page of notes may be a good alternative and it doesn’t single out the students who have test difficulty.

4 – Offer the child oral testing. Children with Dyslexia have a great oral comprehension and being given the questions orally makes it easier for them if they can answer the questions orally.. Whomever is giving the test can then write their answers down.





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