Stratgy #9 – Grading


Does it make sense to use the same guidelines for grading with all your students? Sure it is!!! If all your students have no exceptionalities. This is virtually impossible in a 21st Century classroom.


If children with Dyslexia cannot keep up with the average student, cannot do the same work in the same amount of time and require numerous accommodations in order to be as successful as the average student, how can we expect to grade these students in the same way? WE can’t.

1 – For tests, try correcting the number of correct answers divided by the number of questions completed. It is unfair to grade a child on what they couldn’t complete because of lack of time. It doesn’t help the child’s self esteem, nor does it accurately evaluate the child’s knowledge.

2 – Allow them to retake an evaluation OR work on something for extra credit. If the child is willing to do whatever it takes to improve their marks, why not give them that opportunity?

3 – While I am not sure this will EVER be accomplished, it would be nice to NEVER fail a student who participates and works their tails off to succeed. I wish I could find an alternative, but this will have to be  challenged through individual provincial departments of education with the argument that proves otherwise.

4 – Make sure that all of these accommodations are implemented in the child’s IEP.



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