Strategie #4 -Homework

These are the guidelines that are set down by the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District

Level Maximum Time Allocation


Kindergarten – 5 to 10 minutes

Grade 1 – 5 to 10 minutes

Grade 2 – 10 to 20 minutes

Grade 3 – 15 to 30 minutes


Grade 4 – 20 to 40 minutes

Grade 5 – 25 to 50 minutes

Grade 6 – 30 to 60 minutes


Grade 7 – 35 to 70 minutes

Grade 8 – 40 to 80 minutes

Grade 9 – 45 to 90 minutes

Senior High

Level I-III: 10 to 20 hours per week

*In Senior High, it is essential to

recognize that the time commitment

will be determined by the course or program selection of each

individual student. Some courses may have more of an in-class focus

for their learning while others require more out of class work to


Children with Dyslexia take 3 -4 times longer to finish homework than their  classroom peers. The purpose of homework is not supposed to be to have students drill a skill already developed over and over, but to practice the skill. In the example of math, it isn’t necessary to assign 10 questions in their books when 5 would be sufficient.

1- Shorten homework. Allow them to practice what they have learned in class, but one or two examples is sufficient to emphasize the importance of the topic.

2- If a student can’t complete and assignment in class, chances are they will not be able to finish it at home. These two can be shortened or adjusted to accommodate the individual.

3- Teachers can supply a means by which parents can check what needs to be done throughout the week. My son’s teacher sends home a sheet with all the homework they will need to do throughout the week, giving us time to go over it and adjust our schedule to accommodate his educational responsibilities.

4- Post homework on a website (most schools do this already

5- Assign a homework partner so that parents can contact each other and collaborate.

6- Parents can also have  an extra set of text books at home.


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