Strategy #1 – Reading

Difficulty reading is the first sign that your child might have Dyslexia. They say that reading and writing come hand in hand; if you can’t read, you will not be able to write.


1 – Help your child read at home, using reading materials that interest them. There are multiple apps for children with Dyslexia. You can also find comic books and graphic novels, find a topic your child loves and get him or her anything that covers those topics. My son loves anything to do with hockey, he loves scary stories and dragons.

2- There are oodles of audio books online that your child can listen to. Oral comprehension is usually no issue for them and, though they do not like to read, they love to be read to.

3 – Using a phonetic alphabet chart can help with sounding out words, which is very beneficial to children with Dyslexia. Sounding out syllables helps them recognize words more quickly.

Reading Strategy Checklist - Guided Reading Level Skill Pr

Kinesthetic Activities for Teaching Reading.  Many of these are geared for younger learners, but I could utilize a few of the ideas.:


Homeschooling with Dyslexia

(This website offers a five day system to help your struggling reader with reading proficiency.)





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